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So here’s the story.  

One day, I was busy at school getting awesome grades and being on time for class and stuff, and then this aeroplane crash-lands in the cemetery across the road.  I go to check it out, and when I do... things get weird.  And by weird, I mean mysterious, and adventurous, and amazing.

I’m not going to lie and say my story has anything to do with those divas and basket cases in the main SEASON OF CLOCKS “saga”, but mine is still a story that takes place in the SEASON OF CLOCKS universe. Which is a good thing.  I guess.

So go ahead and give it a gander.  I think you'll like it, but if you’re disappointed, I promise to sleep a little less soundly.  


Forever Yours
~Melodia Song



So I feel a little lame writing this, but... okay, so this how it is.  For those of you not in the know, I go to the Veronica Vauxhall's School for Girls, and Veronica Vauxhall's isn't one of those places that plays around when it comes to homework.  Or essays.  Or tests.  What I'm saying, is that I'm getting swamped.  Sooo the diary entries will have to stop.  For now.

But that doesn't mean forever!

I'll definitely come back once I've dug myself out of all this homework, but in the meantime why don't you reread what I've already written.  And when you're finished, reread it again!  You might surprise yourself by how unboring incessant rereading can be....


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