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ejike_Pacchydermus Statue.png

Statue of Pachydermus the Learned

If one were to travel to any of the world’s great libraries (or even to some of those libraries considered not-so-great), one would more likely than not find at least one Bibliophant manning the front desk, or repairing a book binding, or serving as a Library elder, among other things.  Bibliophants have, over the centuries, made themselves indispensable to the world’s great libraries, devoting themselves to every kind of role.  Some libraries, such as the Library of Pachydermus, located in the Blackgale Forest, Pennsylvania, USA, are staffed entirely by Bibliophants.  Bibliophants resemble short bipedal elephants.  They tend to possess very high intelligence, and can produce green writing ink from their trunks.

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