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My name is Herodotos della Zanna and I am one of the chief authors of latest edition of the Encyclopedia Horliotecca.  I am also the Master of Words at the Horliotecca Library.  

And what is the Master of Words, you may ask?

The Master of Words is the Librarian tasked with the highly enviable job of memorizing every single book in the building.

But that is not relevant to our current purpose.

For those of you not in the know, the Horliotecca is one of the world’s Great Libraries, second only to the Great Arch Library of Istanbul (formerly the Great Arch Library of Constantinople), and quite possibly to the Library of the Atlantic as well.  The wealth of knowledge and ideas found in the Horliotecca is expertly contained and captured in all ninety-nine volumes of the Encyclopedia Horliotecca.  

These glorious volumes, unfortunately, are at present reserved exclusively for Horlioteccan Librarians and Scholars.  The Library Elders have deemed “outsiders” too simple for these books and repeatedly, aggressively deny them to non-Horlioteccans.  This is an outdated, elitist attitude, and one I am devoted to fighting.  Knowledge belongs in the world, at the fingertips of all who desire it, and indeed, it has  become my life’s quest to put it there, one entry at a time.

And with that, good readers, I wish you an undying curiosity and a happy perusal.

Ever Loyal
-Herodotos della Zanna, Librarian

Entries in the Encyclopedia Horliotecca fall under one of two categories: Noobles and Nibblets.  Noobles are long histories, whereas Nibblets are merely informational tidbits.  Please do excuse the absurdity of the terms, but this is the Horlioteccan way.  Examples of both categories may be found below.

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Bibliophants, Part I

...In which is discussed the Bibliophanti Age of Weather, as well as the Beginnings of the Bibliophanti Age of Dido

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Jacques-Philippe, marquis de Trécon

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